USA Elections, Akon head of strategy for Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce is increasingly immersed in the election campaign for the 2020 U.S. elections and wanted Akon next to him.

The rapper has become an exponent of the Bitcoin Loophole world for his Akoin project, a crypto currency that he will launch in Africa with the aim of promoting financial inclusion.

Akon will lead Brock Pierce’s campaign strategy.
In the announcement of his appointment, he stated:

„I have always known that Brock Pierce is a good guy. He is a real person and does not move along party lines. We share the same dream of advancing America for all without favorites at a particular base.

Now Brock Pierce’s team consists of his vice president Karla Ballard, Akon and Brittany Kaiser, who in addition to being a human rights and data protection activist, has also been a strategist in previous election campaigns, alternately for Republicans and Democrats. She rose to the headlines for contributing to the Cambridge Analytica scandal about how Facebook used user data for political purposes as well.

Brock Pierce, third wheel between Trump and Biden

The elections in the United States are taking on a definitive picture. In recent days, the Democratic Party convention has anointed Joe Biden as a ticket candidate with Kamala Harris.

The Republican Party convention also confirmed Donald Trump’s candidacy with his deputy Mike Pence, with the aim of governing another four years.

The Independent Party also unanimously chose Brock Pierce as a candidate. Brock Pierce’s aim is to show that Republicans and Democrats have been creating a fake alternation for 200 years: the reality is that they are part of the same political establishment that he aims to break with his candidacy.

In his investiture as an Independent Party candidate, Brock Pierce said he feels honored and added:

„Having the support of America’s third largest party is a massive endorsement of freedom, prosperity and harmony that our campaign is about. This is a time of unprecedented crisis, requiring unprecedented solutions worthy of the 21st century. I am ready to lead America with all my heart, mind, soul and spirit. If we unite now, right now, we can rise from the ashes of division and create a much better world.

Franck MacKay, head of the Independent Party, praised Brock Pierce’s qualities:

„Brock Pierce is clearly the best candidate for our times. The world is changing and we need a President of the United States who knows how to use science, technology and the digital economy to improve people’s lives. Brock Pierce is the kind of leader who can move this nation forward and create a great new party in America based on common sense and moderate policies to counteract the strongly biased nature of the current election landscape.

Appreciation also for VP Karla Ballard:

„We are sincerely pleased to support Karla Ballard for the Vice President of the United States. In addition to her solid experience in business and social change, she will take her place in history among the women who will stand for vice-presidency in the 2020 elections“.

The appointment is for November 2020, when it will be the voters of the United States who will say whether Brock Pierce will be able to undermine a political landscape dominated by Democrats and Republicans.