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Bitcoin Fart Sells for $280K on Bitcoin Ordinal Network

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• Someone recently uploaded a one-second audio clip of a wet fart to the Bitcoin Ordinal network and apparently sold it for 12.3 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to $280,000 USD.
• Ordinals are a protocol that allows data to be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain network, similar to NFTs.
• They require special wallets to store and trade but this has not stopped people from uploading strange and uncanny files to the Bitcoin network.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Launched in January by software engineer Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals are essentially a protocol that allows for data to be stored on Bitcoin’s blockchain network. Think NFTs but for Bitcoin. They’re so new you can’t even buy them via a marketplace like OpenSea. They require special Bitcoin Ordinal wallets to store and trade, but this has not stopped people from uploading strange and uncanny files to the Bitcoin network. So far, there have been over 100,000 inscriptions via the Ordinal network, everything from encrypted files to digital art.

Inscription 2042

On Feb 2nd inscription 2042 was uploaded onto the Bitcoin blockchain; it consisted of a one-second audio clip capturing the sound of someone passing gas. According to one Reddit user posting in r/CryptoCurrency, inscription 2042 sold for 12.3 Bitcoin – equivalent to $280K USD – however it’s impossible to verify whether this is true as there is no centralized (or even decentralized) marketplace for these unique tokens yet – most being sold via OTCs in random discord channels between node operators themselves..

Dorian Batycka Contributor at CryptoSlate

Dorian Batycka is an experienced journalist interested in art and technology with prior contributions made towards CoinDesk, Decrypt, Artforum, Artnet News & The Art Newspaper amongst many others! He often memes his way through current financial & art news events on Twitter & Instagram @temp_projects..

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This article highlighted how someone managed to upload an audio clip of a wet fart onto the bitcoin blockchain & sell it off – making 280K USD in return! Despite requiring special wallets as well as being unable to purchase them via popular marketplaces like OpenSea – they remain incredibly popular amongst node operators within random discords who look forward towards OTC sales of these unique tokens!