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New edition of Hablemos Decred will deal with the topic of companies buying Bitcoin

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They will give a talk to explore which companies are starting to buy Bitcoin and what are the reasons for these strategies

Next Thursday, November 19, will be the 22nd edition of „Let’s Talk Decred“, where they will have the presence of Joaquin Moreno to explore which companies are starting to buy Bitcoin to diversify their treasuries and what are the reasons for these strategies. This is what Decred en Español informed Cointelegraph en Español.

„In this episode we’ll talk about whether this can become a common practice and which companies can be the next to appear on the list of Bitcoin Treasuries,“ said the organizers.

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Joaquin Moreno is a professional in the Bitcoin industry since 2013. He has been co-creator of the first bitcoin online course in Spanish and Portuguese in 2014 with the objective of increasing the content in Spanish about bitcoin and cryptomonies. He has worked in the blockchain area at a global level with Globant, one of the most important software companies in Argentina. In addition, Moreno was in the area of business development for Colombia, Mexico and the Caribbean within ConsenSys. He is currently a partner of Metamash and creator of educational content on its YouTube channel and BTCenEspanol.

The idea of the organizers is that this chapter will serve to better understand what are the causes that have led a handful of companies to decide to buy Bitcoin as a financial strategy and what are the consequences for the rest of the companies.

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„We will talk about the impact of these strategies from the perspective of cryptomonies as reserves of value. We will analyze which are the possible futures for the world’s treasuries and for the Central Banks, which could follow the steps of the companies and start accumulating Bitcoin as one more asset for their International reserves,“ they specified.

„We will know more about the ways in which the big institutional players started to buy crypto currencies and how this will have a significant impact on the price and markets of crypto currencies. Considering the impact that the arrival of billions of dollars will have on the crypto currency ecosystem, it is important to be ready and attentive to what is happening in the market,“ they added later.

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Schedule of the meeting

The talk is scheduled for the following times:

  • * 16 hrs Mexico
  • * 17 hrs Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru
  • * 18 hrs Bolivia, Venezuela
  • * 19 hrs Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
  • * 00 hrs (November 20th) Spain

About „Let’s Talk Decred“

This idea arose out of the need to bring together the different communities in Latin America that, despite the distances, share similar needs and interests when it comes to finance and especially cryptomonies.

The main objective of the „Let’s Talk Decred“ meetings is to share information and bring technology closer to all people interested in its development and adoption. Thus, talks, exhibitions and online debates are organized on a wide variety of topics ranging from software development to privacy, economy and freedom of expression. The „Let’s Talk Decred“ meetings take place every Thursday on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter of Decred en Español.